Rivers of Alabama Day

Alabama has more than 132,000 miles of rivers and streams, and there is a special day dedicated to celebrating them. Rivers of Alabama Day is the second Tuesday in April. In addition to celebrating Alabama’s waterways on this day, the Alabama Rivers Alliance encourages all Alabama citizens to celebrate the vital network of grassroots groups that fight to protect them.

Rivers of Alabama Day was established in 2007 when the Alabama State Legislature passed a resolution establishing the second Tuesday in April as Rivers of Alabama Day. 

 Supported by both houses of the legislature, the purpose of this day is “to recognize the many valuable assets rivers bring to the State of Alabama.” According to the resolution, Alabama’s rivers are a blessing to the state since they provide habitat to high quality freshwater fish, mussel, snail, and crawfish species; supply the water essential to agriculture and and industry; and support the state’s multimillion dollar tourism industry.
The Alabama Rivers Alliance hosts an annual celebration. If you aren’t able to join us for the day, we offer citizens a variety of suggested ways to celebrate this special day:
  1. Get out on one of Alabama’s rivers and do something that you enjoy, such as going paddling, swimming, or fishing.
  2. Practice water conservation & efficiency. Install a rain barrel, fix a leaky pipe, or try out one of these other water saving tips.
  3. Save water by saving energy. Do you know how the electricity used to turn on the lights in your bathroom is tied to the water that comes out of your shower? Click here to learn about the water/energy connection.
  4. Volunteer for a river protection organization in your area. Click here to see the Alabama Rivers Alliance directory of water protection organizations.
  5. Contact your legislators and let them know you care about Alabama’s waterways by wishing them a happy Rivers of Alabama Day.
  6. Have a nice tall glass of water from your tap. Do you know which water body it comes from? If not, contact your local water utility to find out.
  7. Work to protect rivers by becoming a citizen water monitor with Alabama Water WatchClick here to find out how.
  8. Support the Alabama Rivers Alliance by making a donation.
  9. Support your local watershed group by making a donation.
  10. Spread the word about Rivers of Alabama Day by emailing them this link.