Open Government

The Alabama Rivers Alliance believes that a healthy

Open Government

ARA’s issues reflect the four key areas of our Water Agenda that Alabama can improve in order to ensure the health of our waterways for generations to come. Click the image to view the Alabama Water Agenda.

system of government involves citizen participation.

The Alabama Rivers Alliance will work to improve access to government processes and to public records. The Alabama Rivers Alliance supports efforts to ensure that public policy deliberations occur in open forums accessible by the citizens of the state. The Alabama Rivers Alliance will also work to ensure that public records are made available to public in an easily accessible manner. Restrictions on public access must be reviewed with an eye toward greater access and less secrecy.

More information coming soon.

  • Ensure that open meetings and open records laws are maintained and enforced
  • Provide timely and accurate information regarding public meetings at all levels of government
  • Ensure that government documents are readily accessible to citizens and whenever possible maintain such documents on an accessible website that is maintained and searchable

All Alabama citizens, partners and friends are important partners for this issue.