The Alabama Rivers Alliance supports the Infrastructure Vision developed by the Clean Water For All Coalition in which we participate:

“The Clean Water for All Coalition believes that all people in America should have access to water infrastructure systems that provide safe, clean, and affordable water. Drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure should meet the needs of all communities, equitably and sustainably, no matter where they are located. Water infrastructure should work in tandem with nature and be resilient to the effects of climate change, now and in the future. It should protect people’s health, sustain thriving ecosystems, and support a robust and diverse workforce.”

Communities across Alabama are experiencing sewer spills on a regular basis because of impacts from climate change, increased flooding, tornadoes, as well as historic disinvestment in our water infrastructure and racially motivated zoning policies.

Thankfully the federal government has recognized that Water IS Infrastructure.  They have already put some funding from the American Rescue Plan Act toward improving our water infrastructure and there is much more currently being debated in the infrastructure bill and the budget reconciliation bill.

The American Rescue Plan passed by congress in March of 2021 provided a total of $195 billion to all states and $130 billion to all county and city governments.  Among the stated purpose of these funds is to “provide resources for state, local, and Tribal governments to invest in infrastructure, including water, sewer, and broadband services”. Click here to read the Fact Sheet.

Much of these funds have already been received and local city councils and county commissions across Alabama are deciding how to spend these vital funds.

In Alabama, NOW is the time to be communicating with your local city councilors and/or county commissioners about your concerns about wastewater in your community and advocating that they use those American Rescue Plan dollars to invest in water infrastructure in addition to and perhaps even before they spend it on traditional infrastructure projects.


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In addition to funding water infrastructure needs, here is some great information from our partners at Alabama Arise about other important needs for Alabama’s use of ARPA funds. Click here to read “42 Alabama groups urge Ivey to drive transformative change with federal COVID-19 relief funds”



Right now Congress is debating two more huge spending bills that both contain significant funding for water infrastructure, the Infrastructure Bill and the Budget Reconciliation Bill.  While the debate is fierce, there is a strong likelihood that more funding will eventually be coming into to states for water infrastructure.  Stay tuned to this website and join the Alabama Rivers Alliance email list to keep up to date on these bills and other opportunities to support funding and improvements for water infrastructure.

To learn more about what is happening in the federal debate over the funding bills:

Bipartisan Infrastructure Package Achieves Historic Investments, But More Is Needed

House Committee Makes Down Payment on Clean Water Needs



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If you live in one of our major watershed across the state where there is a Waterkeeper organization, you can contact them to learn more about sewage spills and wastewater concerns in your area.  Contact the Waterkeeper near you to report!



Watch the Southern Exposure film, Wastewater: A Tale of Two Cities to learn more.  Thank you to Aqualateral and Lush Hand Made Cosmetics for their support of this film!