Waste Sludge

Current Status: ARA is actively engaged with community members working against the spread of waste sludge on their lands. We are currently drafting legislation – stay tuned!


Alabama Waste Sludge Awareness Facebook Group

Members of this group share articles from around the country about this practice and the long-term impacts.

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Watch the 2020 Southern Exposure film, SOILED, and see what happened when Julie Lay and her family began smelling a stench so powerful it reminded her first-responder husband of the smell of dead bodies.  She found that in Alabama she was far from alone. She left her career in agriculture and food safety to investigate. Waste by-products, including treated human sewage and the waste from poultry processing plants, is being applied directly to farmland throughout the country. Who is regulating this practice and what kind of pollution or toxins could be getting in our food that is growing in the soil mixed with this sludge?