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  • Southern Exposure is now on Roku and Amazon Fire!

    Watch the 2019 Southern Exposure films from the comfort of your couch and on your own TV!  If you use Roku or Amazon Fire TV to stream your favorite movies and shows, you can now stream the latest Southern Exposure films. Click here to add the Southern Exposure channel to

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  • TAKE ACTION: Tell Alabama politicians to CLEAN UP coal ash!

    CLICK HERE to take action now. Coal ash is a toxic byproduct of coal-burning power plants. Across Alabama, there are more than 117 million tons of toxic coal ash in unlined pits next to our waterways at nine different sites with more than 50 groundwater violations. Alabama Power, TVA and PowerSouth own these unlined

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  • Alabama Environmental Groups Agree…

    Alabama Environmental Groups Agree… Coal ash should be dug up and moved because it is polluting Alabama’s waters. As much as possible should be recycled into concrete and the rest should be moved to upland, lined landfills using the best available technology standards, ensuring all people, communities and businesses of

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  • Alabama Wants to Know: What do you think of ADEM Director Lance LeFleur’s job performance?

    ALABAMA WANTS TO KNOW: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ADEM DIRECTOR LANCE LEFLEUR’S JOB PERFORMANCE?  The Alabama Environmental Management Commission is asking for feedback about Director Lance LeFleur’s job performance as the leader of the Department of Environmental Management (ADEM). It is crucial for members of the public to communicate their comments,

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