Climate Justice

Current Status: The Alabama Rivers Alliance’s current work around climate justice and resiliency includes: ensuring resilient drinking water and wastewater infrastructure for communities, our hydropower work to ensure that our move to renewable energy does not sacrifice our water resources, our efforts to ensure an Alabama Water Plan for all Alabamians, and our participation in national and regional groups seeking policy solutions to these important issues.

Climate justice recognizes the interconnectedness of climate change and social justice. The goal of climate justice is to ensure the responsible management of natural resources while addressing the impacts of climate change on the environment and the well-being of communities. It goes beyond environmental concerns to address how climate-related issues impact different watersheds and communities, particularly vulnerable and marginalized groups. 

Climate justice emphasizes that the impacts of climate change, such as flooding, drought, and pollution, are not evenly distributed. It also includes the importance of building resiliency and local solutions for all communities, especially those most impacted. 



Climate Justice Y’all is a podcast dedicated to lifting up and centering the climate and environmental justice movement in the South. Despite the South being the most biodiverse, diverse, and one of the largest economic engines in the world, we are underfunded and often barred from the decision-making table. Click here to listen!


Broken Ground is an award-winning podcast from the Southern Environmental Law Center highlighting environmental stories in the South and hearing from the people bringing those stories to light. Click here to listen!


A special thank you to the WestWind Foundation for their support of our climate work!