Water Rally 2019 Call for Presentations

Alabama Water Rally Call for Presentations

Alabama Water Rally is the annual gathering of Alabama’s network of water advocates and allies hosted by the Alabama Rivers Alliance. This is the premiere educational, networking and celebratory event for community and watershed based organizations as well as individual Alabamians interested in #CleanWater and protection of all our waterways. The conference moves to different regions of the state each year so that it is accessible to citizens and groups from all parts of Alabama. In 2019, we escape together to Camp Beckwith in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama.

We want to hear from YOU about what you want to experience at Water Rally. We are currently putting together our program of engaging content and speakers, plus plenty of fun camaraderie between water, land and air protectors throughout Alabama. Water Rally gives you a chance to reconnect with colleagues and make those new connections necessary to tackle the work to come.  Click here to take a look at last year’s agenda.

About the Presentations

Our theme for this year’s Alabama Water Rally is Clean Water Counts.  Whether it is bringing in new dollars for your local economy through ecotourism opportunities, preventing the need for increased treatment of drinking water by protecting source waters, or ensuring ample water is available for all our communities’ needs including pollution dissemination, growing food, and generating electricity – clean water counts as an integral part of Alabama’s economy.  Alabama Water Rally 2019 will focus on the economic benefits of clean water and the economic challenges that we face when clean water is not valued properly.

2019 Alabama Water Rally Presentation Themes:

Sustainable Development  [Science and/or Policy / Education]

Ecotourism [Organizing / Partnership Building / Marketing]

Water Flows and Water Use Issues [Science and/or Policy]

Climate Change and Water [Science and/or Policy]

Water Quality and Public Health [Science and/or Policy]

Drinking Water  [Science and/or Policy]

Community Engagement [Organizing / Education / Outreach]

Organization Development [Fundraising, Leadership, Volunteers]

If you are an expert on a particular topic that fits in one of these categories, we invite you to submit a presentation proposal to us. If you have someone in mind that you would like to see present on one of these areas, please share this with them and ask them to submit a proposal. We want to hear from YOU. Water Rally presenters receive up to $150 credit for their participation. Additional financial assistance may be available on a case by case basis.

Alabama Water Rally presentations are typically 90 minutes and can include presentation, slides, group activities, and opportunities for participant Q&A. Presentations can be formal or casual, lecture or interactive. You may bring handouts, photos, stories and any other materials.  The best presentations incorporate some type of training or teaching that leaves participants with something they can take back to their community!

Presentation proposals due by November 21.