ADEM Reform Coalition

Alabama is a state blessed with an abundance of natural resources and extraordinary natural beauty. However, Alabama’s natural resources are not limitless, nor are its blue skies, clear waters, fertile soil, or its citizens immune from pollution.

Although we live in an age when economic and environmental interests can appear to be at odds, it is abundantly clear that Alabama’s future economic, environmental and public health are inextricably linked together and dependent on the way we care for and protect these natural blessings. In Alabama, the caretaker of this vital public trust is the state’s environmental agency, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM).
However, far too many citizens can testify that the agency’s twenty year history clearly demonstrates that ADEM and the EMC are in serious need of fundamental reform. Therefore, a diverse group of grassroots, public health, environmental justice, and environmental organizations representing more than 20,000 Alabamians have joined together to form the ADEM Reform Coalition (ARC) to examine ADEM’s challenges, recommend solutions, and organize Alabama citizens to work for effective change in the areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Enforcement
  • Resources
  • Public Participation

Following the first ADEM Reform Summit in 2002, the ARC developed a Blueprint for ADEM Reform. Click here to read the Blueprint.


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