Ankur Shah
Tennessee River watershed

Ankur is a Geospatial Data Scientist at Climate Engine, a startup focused on using satellite data for economic and climate resilience by enabling the financing of climate adaptation and mitigation. Ankur assists the team with product development, data analysis, and environmental research. He is also the Director of Operations at Mycelium, a Huntsville based nonprofit focused on open source solutions for accelerating the circular economy along the themes of waste management, food resilience, and self-sufficient housing.


Before joining Climate Engine, he worked with a team of NASA on Earth observation projects such as detecting floating marine debris and identifying aircraft contrails using satellite imagery. Ankur holds a degree in physics and Earth science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He frequently produces informative videos on environmental topics on his YouTube channel dedicated to climate education. He is passionate about natural climate solutions, sustainable urban design, and environmental education. Outside of work, he enjoys playing ping pong, hiking, reading, and foraging wild plants and mushrooms.