Carlee Sanford
Ruffner Mountain, Turkey Creek, Red Mountain Park & the Jefferson County Greenways Commission

Carlee is an ENFP. End of bio. That’s a joke, but in a very real sense, Carlee’s personality could be summed up in those four letters: her Meyers-Briggs Personality Type. Carlee is a problem solver, using her ability to get to the heart of the issue, untangle it, and turn it into a solution. Under her energetic leadership, Ruffner Mountain eliminated $1.3 million in debt and realigned Ruffner Mountain’s work to support its founding mission.


Carlee has played a pivotal role in promoting collaboration and fostering a regional solution between large-acreage greenspaces in Jefferson County. She has worked closely with the former leaders of Turkey Creek Nature Preserve and Red Mountain Park to establish the Jefferson County Greenways Commission— a regional initiative aimed at caring for and expanding green spaces.


Carlee holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Alabama; before working at Ruffner Mountain, she helped develop brands and strategies for a host of Birmingham and national clients – Steel City Pops, Shipt, Mannington Flooring, Ollie Irene, Shoal Creek, White Arnold & Dowd, Trek Birmingham, Children’s of Alabama, and Swell Fundraising.


When not at Ruffner Mountain, Red Mountain Park, or Turkey Creek, Carlee can be found with her husband and two dogs, hiking and exploring a few of her other favorite places, including Talladega National Forest, Citico Creek Wilderness, Cherokee National Forest, every part of the Pinhoti trail, and her backyard.