Group Membership

Alabama is blessed to have 132,000 miles of rivers and streams. That is a lot of territory for any one organization to protect.  It can happen – but only by being a part of an alliance that works and collaborates together.

Our state needs you and your local group giving your attention to your local river, streams, lakes and other local environmental issues. Your organization is “in the know” of your watershed: its players, government and local relationships.  By working with an alliance of other similar groups across the state & region, we are able to combine this local knowledge into a statewide powerhouse to accomplish great things for Alabama.

Help our alliance keep the momentum and progress towards

healthy rivers, healthy people and a healthy Alabama. 

Your financial support as an alliance member is important.  It not only supports our collective statewide work, but your membership gives us power as we represent our alliance, and as you know, there is power in numbers.  Have your voice represented!


Suggested amount for Alabama Rivers Alliance group membership                 $150

Suggested amount for startup groups:                                                                      $50


 Check out our new Memorandum of Understanding!

Our Memorandum of Understanding lists the many benefits of being a group member of the Alabama Rivers Alliance, as well as sharing the many ways your group can support the alliance and our statewide work.  Renew your group membership with Alabama Rivers Alliance today!

Mail the membership renewal to:

 Alabama Rivers Alliance, Attn: Martha Hunter,

2014 6th Ave N. Suite 200, Birmingham, AL 35203