HEADWATERS must certainly be one of the most spectacular works of quilt art you have ever seen! This 34″ x 24″ gorgeous quilt art was created specifically for Alabama Rivers Alliance with the generous cooperation of Black Warrior Riverkeeper.

Not only beautiful and evocative, Murray’s quilt is likely paying tribute to her good friend Beth Maynor Young who published a wonderful book by the same name.

Click the beautiful image to enlarge.
Click the beautiful image to enlarge.

Retail value for this piece is $1,800.00

To bid on this gorgeous one-of-a-kind quilt art, email Kelly Marshall at [email protected]


“Mountains and sky, rocks, wood and water mingle to create an intriguing, inspirational resource. I see and hear and taste the land that surrounds me. To pull out the abstracted memories of place and time and piece them into rhythms that evoke a response is my primary goal. Colors and natural images are a universal language and the conversations I have with these works are a constant, exhilarating challenge.”    ~ Murray Johnston

Murray Johnston is one of the most distinguished artists of her genre in America. Her spectacular works are exhibited, commissioned, sold and displayed in private, corporate and public collections everywhere. Her shows are a wonder to behold. Often awarded and nationally recognized, we are indeed fortunate to be able to call Murray a friend of the natural wonders that surround us and the organizations that protect them. The art she creates offers a unique and wonderful perspective that serves to inspire the viewer and evoke that response she envisioned.

Have you flown through Birmingham International Airport lately? The stunning Living Wall (“Earth, Wind and Water – the landscape of Alabama”)  is a creation of Murray’s.

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