Jaxon Tolbert
Tennessee river watershed

Jaxon Tolbert, a Program Associate at the Southeastern Wind Coalition, leads land-based wind energy advocacy in the Southeast, focusing on research, relationship building, and strategy in Alabama and the region’s interior states. As one of Alabama’s few wind energy advocates, Jaxon is committed to educating the public about wind power’s water-saving benefits, emphasizing its role in reducing the energy sector’s water consumption and conserving resources for critical uses.



Jaxon earned a BA in Political Science and Earth Ecosystems from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2023, receiving the College of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences’ Highest Academic Achievement Award. He completed a 50-page Honors Capstone titled “Incorporating Environmental Justice Communities in Environmental Policy Recommendations for the City of Huntsville.” Jaxon is an Alabama native who has lived in four different Southeastern states and currently resides in Huntsville. In his spare time, he helps to lead the Huntsville Environmental Coalition and enjoys podcasting, hiking with friends, sci-fi movies, road trips, reading, and exploring the local coffee scene.