Kala Bhattar

Kala Bhattar is an Office Services Specialist II at the Institute for Human Rights (IHR) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). She has worked with the IHR at UAB since fall of 2021, first as an intern blog writer, and now managing the communications, organizing events, and working on projects conducted by the IHR. As a blog writer, she has written on topics of both domestic and international importance, such as issues of food insecurity and homelessness in the United States, but also has captured the broader struggles of people around the world, especially in her series on Environmental Justice. 



Bhattar is a graduate from UAB, with her Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, with concentrations in global politics and policies, human rights, and international studies. Bhattar chose to work for the IHR because she is passionate about helping promote and protect the basic human rights of everyone in her community and around the world. The IHR has been an important platform for Bhattar to spread awareness about contemporary issues. She has also moderated panel discussions for IHR sponsored events, with Aja Barber on the intersectionality between colonialism, fast fashion, and climate change, and during the International Peace Conference of 2023, with Dr. Bernice King on Dr. King’s legacy. Additionally, Bhattar has been serving her local community as a member of the Friends of the Locust Fork River (FLFR), an organization focused on keeping the environment clean and spreading environmental awareness throughout the community, where she has been a volunteer since Fall of 2021.