La'Tanya Scott
Black Warrior River watershed

La’Tanya has been the Education Director for the Cahaba River Society since 2022. She previously served as Environmental Science Educator since April 2014 and has delivered hands-on environmental education programs to students in the classroom and in the field through the Shane Hulsey CLEAN Environmental Education Program.


La’Tanya is a skilled outdoor educator and role model who strengthens Cahaba River Society’s outreach and service to urban schools and youth of color. Her intense interest in the Cahaba River, her skills and knowledge, and especially her boundless enthusiasm have led hundreds of students to understand the importance, and the wonders, of the Cahaba River. As 2020-21 Co-Chair of the CRS Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, La’Tanya steered monthly conversations to develop the EDI Statement of Intent and learn about the water equity issues of the Cahaba peopleshed from diverse voices.


She holds a degree in Environmental Science from Miles College. Even before her graduation, La’Tanya knew that she wanted to work in nature and to inspire people to love the outdoors as much as she does. She has held a lifelong passion for being outdoors and helping people, which she credits her family with nurturing and strengthening throughout her upbringing.


La’Tanya has also helped to form the active and dynamic Junior Board of the Cahaba River Society, for which she serves as staff liaison. She has been the keynote speaker at a variety of events including the Color the Crag Climbing Festival and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management’s Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference.