Laura Quattrochi
Black Warrior River watershed

Laura grew up in Huntsville, but calls Birmingham her home. In 2023, she received her Master’s Degree in the Anthropology of Peace and Human Rights from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her Thesis, “The Analysis of Contemporary Anthropological Literature on Climate Change and Human Factors”, emphasized the importance of environmental and social justice in Alabama.


Laura’s love for environmentalism stemmed from growing up with her father being a Senior Research Earth Scientist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, learning about the negative impacts her mother endured while being born and raised in Oak Ridge, Tennessee during the Manhattan Project, as well as the time she spent in YWCA’s AmeriCorps program, “Building Communities and Bettering Lives”.


She is a grassroots organizer and has hands-on experience in developing recycling and sustainability programs in Alabama. Laura never meets a stranger and often spends their spare time volunteering around the community, doing post-grad research, spending time with all of her cats, and hiking at Ruffner Mountain!