Lillian Colburn
Black Warrior River watershed

Lillian grew up playing in the local streams of their hometown, Fairhope, Alabama. Each summer as a child, their mother would take them across the Mobile Bay to the beaches of the Gulf Coast. Growing up, water had been a huge piece of their fondest childhood memories. Lillian’s family moved to Birmingham for their high school years. This period of their life was when they were faced with the harsh reality that not all waters are safe to swim in or fish from. Over the course of their high school education, and continuing into adulthood, they learned about the ever persistent threat of pollution, hydro-power, and other man-made factors posed on Alabama’s water systems. 


Lillian joined with ARA’s Young Professionals to spread awareness to Alabama’s citizens of the importance of upholding the beauty and sanctity of our waterways. They, like most Alabamians, take pride in our gorgeous state. Our waters are citizens’ favorite pastime, the place that reminds them of home, and, for some, their livelihood. Lillian aims to ensure that future generations of our children can grow, learn, and prosper from our rivers and streams as they once did. 


Currently, Lillian works in pet care as a dog groomer. In their spare time, they spend as much time in nature as possible. They are always seeking out the closest body of water in their local parks and nature reserves. During hectic times, Lillian can be found appreciating the serenity of the Cahaba River.