Logan Mercer
Cahaba River watershed

Logan was raised in Birmingham by a single, artist mother and with a keen appreciation for both the environment and social justice. Splitting his free time between playing in the Cahaba River and learning obscure Presidential facts, an early curiosity in government grew into a budding obsession with how societies organize both among people and between people and nature. As the nexus of both the Civil Rights Movement and a budding environmental activist movement, Logan draws inspiration from Alabama itself.


Now entering his last semester at the University of Virginia where he studies Political Philosophy, Policy & Law, he aspires to become a community organizer before entering law school. He enjoys hikes with his Australian Shepard, Remy, as well as teaching chess to Elementary school kids at the local Boys & Girls Club in Charlottesville. Logan, always aware that his journey has only begun, strives to make a difference in whatever way he can.