About Mike Kensler

Mike Kensler is Director of the Office of Sustainability at Auburn University. He works with administrators, faculty, staff, and students to cultivate an ethic, practice, and culture of sustainability at Auburn. Prior to that, he was with the Water Resources Center creating water policy and conducting outreach work across the state.

Mike is trained to use Sustainability Accelerator methods and tools to conduct sustainability education, training, planning and decision-making programs for groups and communities on and off campus.  Mike is accredited as a LEED Green Associate, and is a certified Clifton Strengths coach.

Mike has a M.S. in Natural Resources Management, Planning, and Policy from the School of Natural Resources (now the School for Environment and Sustainability) at the University of Michigan.  Previously, Mike worked for Chesapeake Bay Foundation on advocacy, education, and community engagement initiatives. Mike established and directed the Hampton Roads office in Norfolk before moving to the Annapolis headquarters where he worked as the Senior Resource Advocate.  Mike also worked for the National Wildlife Federation, specifically with NWF regional staff and affiliates across the country on environmental policy and organizational development projects.

Mike’s work emphasizes creating a future we want to inhabit by tapping the aspirations of individuals and groups working in democratic learning communities. Mike believes organizational learning and transformation are possible, that democratic processes enable people to work together in ways that create meaningful change, and that the sustainability movement is a manifestation of core human values and ethics in action.