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WHAT is the National Priorities List, or NPL?

The NPL contains the nation’s most serious uncontrolled or abandoned hazardous waste sites.

WHY is the NPL important?

By listing a site on the NPL, the EPA would be taking an important action to protect human health. If the 35th Avenue site makes the NPL, that means that Superfund money would be allocated toward clean-up costs and would result in more long term investigations by EPA into health and environmental issues associated with industry contamination.

WHY isn’t the North Birmingham superfund area listed on the NPL?

In September 2014, the EPA announced that it was proposing to add the 35th Avenue Site to the National Priorities List (NPL). While Gasp, PANIC and others advocated for the NPL, the opposition was launching a campaign against the listing. A Potentially Responsible Party (PRP), Drummond Company (by way of its law firm Balch & Bingham, and a sham nonprofit, the Alliance for Jobs and the Economy), conspired to bribe a State Representative and worked with numerous others at the local, state, and federal level to oppose listing the 35th Avenue Site on the NPL. Their misinformation campaign was complex, far-reaching and expensive. No elected officials submitted comments in support of the NPL. Due to the lack of support from all levels of government, EPA still has not listed the 35th Avenue site to the NPL.

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