Alabama Scenic River Trail

The mission of the Alabama Scenic river trail Inc (ASRT) is to enhance community development in areas of recreation and tourism with an emphasis on opportunities throughout more than 5,000 miles of rivers and streams with the longest historic water trail in the United States. ASRT encourages and promotes safety and education to all levels of the public that utilize Alabama’s waterways as a gateway for camping, fishing, and recreation.

The Alabama Scenic River Trail (ASRT) uses a network of members and outfitters to create, improve, and promote more than 6,500 miles of river trails. ASRT connects adventurers with opportunities to explore and appreciate Alabama’s great waterways through unique experiences. Working primarily through community partnerships, ASRT promotes safe, fun, and welcoming paddling experiences across the state for people of all skill levels. The Alabama Scenic River Trail, for which we are named, is the longest (650 miles) and most experience-diverse river trail in America, covering mountain streams and multi-class whitewater to river delta and the salty waves of the Gulf of Mexico. Today we continue to grow our network and share the state’s unparalleled water recreation opportunities. To learn more, please visit

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Alabama Scenic River Trail

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