Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network

Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network’s (ASAN) mission is to support conservation practices, families who grow and consume natural food and fiber, and the communities where they live.
ASAN members believe that by providing educational opportunities for Alabama’s farmers and ranchers and by educating both consumers and agricultural professionals about sustainable agriculture, we can improve the lives of small farmers and rural and urban communities and make a positive contribution to the state’s environment and health. ASAN defines “Sustainable Agriculture” as farming that supports families and communities while conserving natural resources.

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ASAN’s organizational goals include:

  • Increase awareness and appreciation for sustainably produced food and fiber.
  • Expand sustainable agriculture practices among farmers through education and training.
  • Promote methods for increasing farm gate prices and easy access to markets.
  • Promote the interests of sustainable agriculture among state and local lawmakers and officials.
  • Help develop the next generation of sustainable farmers.
  • Help increase food security in urban and rural areas.
  • Create opportunities to network (for business and pleasure).
  • Build a culturally diverse network of sustainable farmers and consumers.
  • Create an organization that is financially and structurally sound.
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