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Alabama Arise’s mission is to promote state and national policies that improve the lives of low-income Alabamians.

Arise Citizens’ Policy Project  (ACPP)  is a statewide nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of 150 congregations and community groups and hundreds of individuals united in their belief that low-income people are suffering because of state policy decisions. Through ACPP, groups and individuals join together to promote state policies to improve the lives of low-income Alabamians. In a state that by many measures is the worst place for poor people to live in the United States, ACPP believes acts of charity are vital, but they are not enough; we must work to improve harmful state policies. ACPP provides a structure in which Alabamians can engage in public debates with the goal of improving the welfare of all Alabamians.

ACPP’s sister organization, Alabama Arise, is a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization, formed in 1988, with the same membership.

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ACPP uses three kinds of activities to promote fairer state policies toward low-income Alabamians:

[toggles id=”1″] [togglegroup] [togglehead id=”1″ tab_id=”10″]Policy Analysis[/togglehead] [togglebody tab_id=”10″] The ACPP policy team studies current state policies and legislative proposals and analyzes their impact on “the least of these.”[/togglebody] [/togglegroup] [togglegroup] [togglehead id=”1″ tab_id=”11″]Statewide organizing [/togglehead] [togglebody tab_id=”11″]ACPP believes low-income people deserve a voice in the development of public policies that affect their lives.[/togglebody] [/togglegroup] [togglegroup] [togglehead id=”1″ tab_id=”12”]Citizen Advocacy[/togglehead] [togglebody tab_id=”12″]ACPP works to equip its members for active participation in the democratic process, including legislative advocacy.[/togglebody] [/togglegroup] [/toggles] [gmap address=”Montgomery, AL 36101 “]