Coosa Riverkeeper

Coosa Riverkeeper’s mission is to protect, restore and promote the Coosa River and its tributaries in Alabama. Coosa Riverkeeper patrols the waters, educates the public, and advocates for the river.

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Coosa Riverkeeper engages in these activities to further the mission of protecting, restoring and promoting the Coosa River:

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Using a variety of watercraft, including the Laura Moore II, the Coosa Riverkeeper  patrols 5 lakes and dozens of creeks in order to document both pollution and beauty and stay in tune with what’s happening on the river.

CRK collects water quality samples and analyzes them in the lab in their office, and occasionally at a professional lab. They test the river for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and E. coli, among others, and post the results.

[/togglebody] [/togglegroup] [togglegroup] [togglehead id=”1″ tab_id=”11″]Educate[/togglehead] [togglebody tab_id=”11″]Few know the true value the Coosa River provides to the community and economy, and a major part of CRK’s work is to educate the public about the river and the issues it faces.

They speak to schools, civic groups, and professional conventions about the Coosa River, its economic and environmental value, the threats it faces, and how we can conserve it.

CRK educates their members and the general public about the river year-round through newsletters, e-mails, radio shows, newspaper articles and events.

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A river has a head and a mouth, but it has no a voice with which to speak in our classrooms, courtrooms and town halls. Coosa Riverkeeper advocates on behalf of the river to ensure it is spoken for when decisions that might impact it are made.

In a number of governmental decisions made every year that can impact the river, officials are required to solicit and respond to public comments. In these situations, CRK’s comments advocate for the best interests of the river and the people who use it.

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