The Friends of Big Canoe Creek’s mission is to protect and preserve Big Canoe Creek and its tributaries for the benefit of its communities and health of the watershed. The primary aim of The Friends of Big Canoe Creek is to foster awareness of the value of the watershed’s resources. In addition to its quarterly meetings, the group sponsors periodic educational, recreational and community-service activities such as guest speakers, films, rain barrel workshops, float trips, and creek cleanups.

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The Friends of Big Canoe Creek state the following guiding goals:

  • Protecting and improving the quality of Big Canoe Creek, its tributaries, and the natural environment throughout the watershed
  • Showcasing the natural and cultural heritage of the Big Canoe Creek watershed and promoting stewardship of its natural, historic, and recreational resources
  • Expanding public access to and awareness of natural areas in the watershed through recreational and educational opportunities
  • Working with property owners to preserve and increase riparian buffers around streams in the watershed
  • Encouraging watershed residents and businesses to use water wisely, including water conservation and appropriate wastewater handling
  • Establishment of a Canoe Creek Float Trail integrated into the Alabama Scenic River Trail