Friends of Hurricane Creek

Friends of Hurricane Creek’s mission is torestore and maintain the creek’s ecosystems through education, outreach, and advocacy. FoHC members are a diverse group of citizens who have the common goal of restoring and maintaining the health and integrity of the Hurricane Creek watershed. FoHC has a full-time Creekkeeper who devotes his time and life to serving as an advocate for the creek.

By educating community members about the relationship between water quality and quality of life, FoHC promotes smart growth strategies and works together to hold government agencies and elected officials accountable. FoHC advocates partnerships with other like-minded organizations and believe that we must work together to facilitate positive change.

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Friends of Hurricane Creek’s priority areas include:

[toggles id=”1″] [togglegroup] [togglehead id=”1″ tab_id=”10″]Protect & Preserve the Hurricane Creek Watershed[/togglehead] [togglebody tab_id=”10″]You don’t need any special titles or skills to be a friend to Hurricane Creek. You don’t need money. You don’t need a prestige. You don’t need a specialized graduate degree. You don’t even need a functioning automobile. All you need is a strong desire to serve your community and a respect for our local creek ecosystem. All you need is the belief that a friend is someone who is there when you need them and the willingness to act on it. When a community resource is polluted or damaged, friends of nature mobilize efforts to protect, preserve, and restore. Find out how you can protect and preserve Hurricane Creek.[/togglebody] [/togglegroup] [togglegroup] [togglehead id=”1″ tab_id=”11″]Learn & Explore the Hurricane Creek Watershed[/togglehead] [togglebody tab_id=”11″]Hurricane Creek is a natural resource that belongs to our community. Every moment you spend at the creek provides an opportunity to learn and share your knowledge with others. One of FOHC’s goals is to encourage, facilitate, and sponsor educational programs about the creek, local ecology, and watersheds so that ALL our community members can enjoy the natural world and reap the mental, physical, and psychological benefits of an ongoing relationship with their local ecosystem.[/togglebody] [/togglegroup] [togglegroup] [togglehead id=”1″ tab_id=”12″]Help to Restore the Hurricane Creek Watershed[/togglehead] [togglebody tab_id=”12″]

Creek or stream restoration describes a set of activities that help improve the environmental health of a river or stream. Improved health may be indicated by expanded habitat for diverse species (including our diminished mussel populations and other endangered species) and reduced stream bank erosion. Enhancements may also include improved water quality (i.e. reduction of pollutant levels and increased dissolved oxygen levels) and achieving a self-sustaining, functional flow regime in the stream system that does not require periodic human intervention, such as dredging or construction of flood control structures. Stream restoration projects can also yield increased property values in adjacent areas.

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