Mobile Baykeeper

Mobile Baykeeper’s mission is to provide citizens a means to protect the beauty, health and heritage of the Mobile Bay Watershed, Alabama’s waterways and coastal communities.  Mobile Baykeeper achieves their mission by taking a systematic approach to address environmental concerns through research, education and collaboration.

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Mobile Baykeeper’s priority areas include:

[toggles id=”1″] [togglegroup] [togglehead id=”1″ tab_id=”10″]Clean Air, Clean Water, Healthy Communities[/togglehead] [togglebody tab_id=”10″]Mobile Baykeeper has dedicated itself to this goal since the organization’s inception. They work on environmental issues that impact the health of the Mobile community and its people. By following air and water permit applications, MBK is able to track chemicals that enter our environment, determine whether or not those chemicals affect public health, and work for their removal if needed. MBK strives to protect the community’s quality of life by ensuring that industry complies with existing environmental laws as well as strengthening or developing additional laws where necessary.[/togglebody] [/togglegroup] [togglegroup] [togglehead id=”1″ tab_id=”11″]Responsible Government[/togglehead] [togglebody tab_id=”11″]Without responsible government, we are helpless to protect the environment and public health. It is imperative that the agencies charged with enforcing laws such as the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Air Act and the Coastal Zone Management Act do so. Mobile Baykeeper works to ensure government agencies enforce local, state and federal law. They also work to educate our leaders on the link between the health of our environment and the health of our community.[/togglebody] [/togglegroup] [togglegroup] [togglehead id=”1″ tab_id=”12″]Healthy Economy[/togglehead] [togglebody tab_id=”12″]A healthy and thriving environment is what draws people to coastal Alabama, and protecting our environment is the key to a healthy economy. Investing resources in environmental protection and restoration reap significant financial investments in the local economy.[/togglebody] [/togglegroup] [/toggles] [gmap address=”450C GOVERNMENT STREET MOBILE, AL 36602″]

450C Government Street
Mobile, AL 36602