Save Our Saugahatchee’s mission is to preserve, protect and restore the Saugahatchee Watershed so that it can be enjoyed by everyone for recreation, environmental education, and ecological uses.

S.O.S. is a non-profit corporation, formed in April 1997 in response to citizen concerns over point and nonpoint pollution of Saugahatchee Creek. They work closely with a wide range of governmental, non-profit and private sector entities. S.O.S. is affiliated with Alabama Water Watch (AWW), a statewide organization working to improve water quality throughout the state.

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Save our Saugahatchee’s priority areas include:

  • Monitor Saugahatchee Creek (SC) and its major tributaries for changes in water quality measurements, including dissolved oxygen, temperature, ph, turbidity, alkalinity, hardness, and coliform bacteria.
  • Report any activities that degrade the water quality of SC.
  • Promote SC for recreational uses.
  • Advance environmental education through seminars and visits to schools, civic groups, and other organizations.