One beautiful day in August, ten or so poets traversed into the Sipsey Wilderness with pen in hand. With guidance from ARA’s Poet & Film Fellow Palavi Ahuja, they were inspired to focus on the small and tiny around us, and perhaps write our own lullaby.

Here is a sampling of the poems created that day. Special thank you to Wild Alabama for their inspiration of location and for all they do protecting Alabama’s wild places.


Lullaby for Sipsey by Palavi Ahuja

Lullaby for Water by Martha Pendergrass Templeton

Witches Burr by James Braziel

Hemlock Lullaby by Tina Mozelle Braziel 

Check out Wild Alabama’s community science project, Save Alabama’s Hemlocks.


These poems were created as part of the Alabama Poetry Delegation, a partnership between Alabama Poetry Laureate Ashley M. Jones, and the Alabama Writers Forum. It is supported by the Academy of American Poets and the Mellon Foundation.