Support Kevin Willson as he Runs for Rivers!

We are honored to have the support of Kevin Willson as he RUNS for RIVERS at the Rock N Roll marathon in Nashville April 27-29!

Kevin is currently a master’s student studying forest and disturbance ecology in the Forest Dynamics Lab at the University of Alabama. With deep interests in protecting Alabama’s rich biodiversity, he wants to make a difference in his new home state by raising money for the Alabama Rivers Alliance while training for the Nashville Rock ‘N’ Roll marathon. Originally from Rockville, Maryland, he studied environmental science and ecology at the University of Maryland and has aspirations of becoming a forest ecologist. Outside of running, Kevin is an avid outdoorsman, car enthusiast, beatboxer, and beagle lover (her name is Lucy). He also likes doo wop and modern folk music, Steel City pops, Washington D.C. sports, Lord of the Rings, and playing around on the trumpet and harmonica.

Kevin will also be making a generous personal donation of 10% of what is raised up to $2,000.