Reporting Illegal Trash in Alabama

1. How to report illegal dumpsites or landfills to ADEM:

Solid waste, such as illegal dumpsites and unpermitted landfills, falls under the jurisdiction of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) . While we are building this crowd-sourced map, it is important to inform ADEM and local authorities when you encounter any illegal dumping activity. Click here to file a complaint to ADEM, with options to remain anonymous and submit photos.

2. Quickly report uncontrolled or illegal dumpsites you have observed in Alabama using the form below & view dumpsites others have reported on the map!

This report form and app were created out of community concern and outrage generated from the Moody Landfill Fire. To learn more about the nature of landfill regulation in Alabama, please watch the 2023 Southern Exposure film (premiering 9/22/23) TRASHED.