There are a number of exciting and important volunteer opportunities available through the Alabama Rivers Alliance, and we are currently expanding our volunteer program as we launch new projects modeled after successful volunteer projects like those of member group Black Warrior Riverkeeper and Coosa Riverkeeper that have shown how successful citizens can be when they unite to protect their waterways.

See the list of volunteer opportunities below and let us know which ones interest you. We can also look into customizing a project that best fits your interests and skills. To sign up for a project, create one, or to simply donate much-needed funds to the organization, please email Kelly Marshall or call (205)322-6395.

You can apply online by clicking here or  download a volunteer application to mail and send it to Alabama Rivers Alliance Volunteers; 2014 6th Avenue North, Suite 200; Birmingham, AL 35203

Do your part to help Alabama’s rivers by becoming an Alabama Rivers Alliance volunteer!

Click here to apply online.

Click here to download an application.


ACTION ALERT” Response Team
Volunteers will pledge to follow up quickly on all “Action Alert” emails sent to our email list. Examples include signing petitions, or calling public officials about an upcoming decision that affects Alabama’s rivers.

Alabama Rivers Alliance Ambassador
Volunteers will represent the Alabama Rivers Alliance at events. Volunteers can choose events from the Alabama Rivers Alliance event calendar or contact us about an event that might be a good venue for promoting the Alabama Rivers Alliance’s mission of protecting and restoring Alabama’s rivers. Volunteers will then coordinate with staff to get promotional and display materials.

Event Publicity Team
Volunteers will put up fliers on campus and town sites, in stores, etc. This will help us advertise fundraisers and educational events, and also get our name, logo, and contact information more visible in the community.

Letters to the Editors of Newspapers
Volunteers will choose one or more newspaper(s), whether small town or big city, and scan them daily for articles relevant to Alabama Waterways. After finding a relevant article, volunteers will write a letter about that article, in support of a cleaner, healthier Alabama. Volunteers will send their letter to the newspaper’s editor for possible publication.

Member Recruitment
Volunteers will provide lists of the names and addresses of friends/relatives/colleagues they think might be interested in becoming an Alabama Rivers Alliance member (donor or volunteer). Our staff will then contact these potential members. Other ways volunteers can help recruit members is by contacting those friends/relatives/colleagues themselves, or by helping us prepare/mail letters to potential members identified by other volunteers. Other ways to help with New Member Recruiting include: Facebook.com, MySpace.com, and by circulating our brochures at strategic locations.

Online Social Networking Outreach
Volunteers will receive instructions about how to perform various types of public outreach through social networking media such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.

Organization Support Team
Volunteers assist staff with administrative activities like issuing large mailings to organization members. This is usually done in groups at the Rivers Alliance office and is a great way to meet new friends.

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