What to bring to Alabama Water Rally!


We are bursting with excitement about Water Rally March 16 – 18 in magnificent Montgomery. Please plan to bring these things along with you to make Alabama Water Rally a huge success for you!

  • Your water bottle! Let’s use as little disposable items as we can – water bottles and coffee tumblers are super fun ways to show your friends you care about this beautiful world.
  • Paper and pen – we have some too if you forget, but might as well prepare yourself!
  • KOOZIES! Either your favorite koozie for yourself or if your org would like to donate some to us for Friday night’s super fun!
  • You are welcome to bring your own adult beverages, if you’re 21 or older, but they must remain in your hotel room (or someone elses’s) while in the hotel (you can bring them to the Friday night after party at EATSouth nif you want!) Limited complimentary adult beverages will be available at evening events.
  • Oh hello! Friday night’s banquet is CASH BAR! Literally. It’s cash only. There IS an ATM, but no cards accepted at bar. Saturday night’s After Party is in this century and will accept credit/debit cards.
  • Are you musically inclined? Even if you are not, bring along your favorite instrument for Friday night’s potential jam fest at EATSouth!
  • Water Rally is a casual fun time to network, grow and celebrate – don’t worry about fancy dressin’. Jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, Chacos, whatever is comfortable with you is good with us! (No political tees)
  • Be thinking of a limerick! About water, ARA, St Patty, whatever you love. There will be a MIGHTY competition with PRIZZZZZEEESSSS!
  • We will be parading to our Saturday night location (6 minute walk), so if you have a favorite St Patty’s outfit or hat or beads or whatever, bring it along! We’ll Second Line ourselves to dinner & PARTY!
  • Sometimes hotels are a little chilly so be sure to bring a sweater or blankie or whatever to keep yourself at your preferred temp.
  • If you have a question and need to reach us, text us! Kelly Marshall (205.540.7385) or Martha Hunter (205.706.1186)

Important Note: ARA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which means we cannot advocate/campaign/support candidates running for office.  We encourage individuals to be involved in this important aspect of our democracy, but in order to comply with our nonprofit rules, we have to ask that you not wear any campaign buttons, t-shirts, etc. and that you not hand out campaign materials at this event. Thank you for your cooperation!