Go ahead and plan to bring these things along with you to make Alabama Water Rally a huge success!
  • If you’re staying in one of the Camp McDowell Bethanny dorm/cabins, you will need to bring linens for the single bed (sleeping bags work great too!) and a towel for your showers (if you choose to take one. We won’t judge) If you are staying in a LODGE, you do not need to bring these. 
  • Your water bottle! Let’s use as little disposable items as we can – water bottles and coffee tumblers are super fun ways to show your friends you care.
  • Paper and pen – we have some too if you forget, but might as well prepare!
  • flashlights – camp gets dark!
  • bring a small amount of water from your watershed to add to a vessel as part of our Friday night networking. More on this later…
  • There is limited wifi and cell service at wonderful wonderful Camp McDowell, so be sure to bring plenty of conversation and a willingness to disconnect (or your own mi-fi if you’ll start itching)
  • If you’re not a fan of drink tickets or Sweetwater beer, bring your own beer and/or wine, if you’re 21 and up. Maybe put your name on it though.
  • Cash for our new sweet #DefendRivers t-shirts
  • If you’re participating in the AVOIDING A COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN breakout session on Saturday, bring your laptop! It’s ok if you don’t.
  • Your dancin shoes! We like to dance, ok. Friday AND Saturday night!
  • Water Rally is a casual fun time to network and grow – don’t worry about fancy dressing! Jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, Chacos, whatever is comfortable with you is good with us!

If you have a question and need to reach us, try emailing us at mhunter (at) alabamarivers.org or kmarshall (at) alabamarivers.org Service is spotty at Camp McDowell but we will do our best to get back to you! Also look for the red ASK ME ribbons on nametags!