An Open Letter to Governor Bentley

November 27, 2013


Governor Robert J. Bentley

600 Dexter Avenue

Montgomery, AL 36130


Dear Governor Bentley,


As the December 1st deadline approaches, I want to thank you for taking leadership on developing a comprehensive water management policy for Alabama by issuing a directive to five state agencies to recommend the preparation of a statewide water management plan with a concrete timeline and action items.  As you know, the Alabama Rivers Alliance has been a staunch advocate throughout this process and has worked alongside the Alabama Water Agencies Working Group (AWAWG) to help inform stakeholders and elected officials about the need for a comprehensive water management policy in Alabama.


We at the Alabama Rivers Alliance urge you to let the citizens of Alabama know your anticipated next steps for reviewing the report and for making it available to the public.  We believe the people of Alabama should be able to review these recommendations in a timely manner so that we can provide you and your staff with feedback on this important issue.


Comprehensive and sustainable water management in Alabama is very important to the Alabama Rivers Alliance and our members and partners in the environmental community because it is a path towards clean and abundant water resources for both the present and the future.  With continued threats from our border states, who share our rivers and aquifers, to the prospects of future increased demands and future droughts, our water resources cannot wait any longer for a plan to protect them.


We thank you for your continued leadership on this issue and look forward to seeing the AWAWG recommendations and working with you and the legislature on the continued path toward a comprehensive water management policy in Alabama.




Cindy Lowry Signature

Cindy Lowry

Executive Director

Alabama Rivers Alliance