Announcing: for Rivers of Alabama Day!

Happy Rivers of Alabama Day, River Defenders!

Join us today in celebrating Rivers of Alabama Day, as established by the Alabama State Legislature in 2007. Supported by both houses of the legislature, and occurring on the second Tuesday of April every year, the purpose of this day is “to recognize the many valuable assets rivers bring to the State of Alabama.” According to the resolution, Alabama’s rivers are a blessing to the state since they provide habitat to high quality freshwater fish, mussel, snail, and crawfish species; supply the water essential to agriculture and and industry; and support the state’s multimillion dollar tourism industry.


SHARE the images below across your social media platforms to spread the word that NOW is the time for our Governor and elected officials to develop a statewide water plan. Our 132,000 miles of rivers and streams must be protected. Sign up at and we will tell our elected officials you agree with the overwhelming majority of Alabamians: you want a Water Plan to protect the quality of life for our children and grandchildren and to ensure the quality of our drinking water.

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