ARA’s Media Roundup

It’s been a busy month for protecting clean water throughout Alabama and beyond for the Alabama Rivers Alliance! Take a moment to read these articles from across the state:


December 12, 2018 | WBHM and Birmingham Watch:

Trump’s EPA attempts to remove much of the nation’s headwaters and wetlands from protection

The Alabama Rivers Alliance, an organization of water-protection groups, slammed the proposal. Policy director Curt Chaffin called the proposal the “dirty water rule” and said it “will make it easier to pollute those important headwaters.” 

Environmental groups urged people to object to the new rule before it becomes final. “If citizens care about clean drinking water or recreation here in Alabama, they must tell the EPA to reject the proposal,” Chaffin, of the Alabama Rivers Alliance, said.


December 13, 2018 | Selma Times-Journal:

Opinions divided on proposed changes to water rule

“We’re very disappointed by the decision to weaken our water protection standards,” said Curt Chaffin, Policy Director for the Alabama Rivers Alliance. “A lot of people around the country call this the ‘dirty water rule.’”

There are 132,000 miles of river and streams in Alabama, Chaffin said, many of which are small tributaries and wetlands. The repeal of the WOTUS rule would put many of these areas in harm’s way.

Chaffin commented that the Trump administration has been attempting to “gut water protections” for the last two years and believes that there will likely be a series of court battles in store for the new rule if it goes into effect.

“Water is a way of life in Alabama,” Chaffin said. “We depend on it for drinking, irrigating crops, recreation and wildlife protection. The people of Alabama deserve better than to have their waters and lands polluted and destroyed.”

Chaffin noted that partners with the Alliance, as well as “thousands” of concerned citizens all over the state, have already voiced their opposition to the proposed changes.

“Countless Alabamians have already filed comments,” Chaffin said. “This rule will make it easier to pollute. I don’t think that’s something that anybody wants. This decision threatens countless communities and wildlife species that need clean water to survive.”

December 9, 2018 | Anniston Star

Liquid Assets: After spending $5.2 million on study, state has water data, but no water plan

November 28, 2018 |

Alabama water commission commends ’exemplary service’ of former member convicted of bribery