City of Montgomery designates Rivers of Alabama Day!


 The special proclamation is in conjunction with the designation from the Alabama State Legislature in 2007

MONTGOMERY, ALA. – On April 2, the City of Montgomery declared by official proclamation the second Tuesday in April as the annual Rivers of Alabama Day in Montgomery, which is an extension of the declaration made by the State Legislature in 2007.

Montgomery is the first city in the state to declare Rivers of Alabama Day, even though Alabama boasts more than 132,000 miles of rivers and streams, and has incredible depth of biodiversity, including the most amount of species of freshwater fish, mussels, snails, and crawfish. The proclamation encourages Montgomery “citizens, businesses, organizations and government agencies to celebrate our rivers through engaging in activities that promote and protect our rivers, such as cleanup efforts, educational events and conversation efforts.”

“Alabama is home to some of the most beautiful, exciting, and unique waterways in the country, and Montgomery has the special advantage of having the mighty Alabama River run through our city,” Councilor Andrew Szymanski said. “As we declare the second Tuesday in April annually as Rivers of Alabama Day, we honor not just our natural resources, and the economic benefits to our rivers throughout the state, but also the profound connection they forge within our community. This proclamation symbolizes Montgomery’s dedication to preserving and celebrating our rivers for generations to come.”

Cindy Lowry, executive director of Alabama Rivers Alliance, was invited to accept the proclamation from the city.

“We are so grateful to Mayor Reed and City Council member Szymanski for making Montgomery the first city in the state to also proclaim this special day to celebrate and appreciate our 132,000 miles of rivers and streams,” Lowry said. “This proclamation comes at a moment of heightened interest and investment in the Alabama River with the brand-new Montgomery Whitewater park and the newly formed Friends of the Alabama River group. The Alabama Rivers Alliance hopes to continue to build on this momentum in Montgomery, and we hope to see other cities and towns across Alabama follow Montgomery’s lead in recognizing the significant impact Alabama’s rivers have on our communities!”

The Alabama Rivers Alliance has long leveraged the state-designated Rivers of Alabama Day to encourage civic engagement with our partners and members by gathering in Montgomery to talk to our House Representatives and State Senators about issues impacting our waterways, while also celebrating the incredible biodiversity we have in this state. Click here to learn more about Rivers of Alabama Day on Tuesday, April 9. 


Additional information and photos available upon request

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Cindy Lowry, ARA’s executive director, accepts the proclamation from Mayor Steven Reed and City Council member Andrew Szymanski