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Dear Governor Bentley:

Alabama is once again in the middle of a drought crisis. As a citizen of this state, I am asking you to exercise your authority and restrict all outdoor watering from water sources that impact stream flows in areas designated as “abnormally dry” or higher on the United States Drought Monitor.  We must not stand on the bank and watch our rivers dry to death.

While severe, this is the only option available to the state under the current drought plan that will address the immediate crisis facing our rivers. We understand that this will have far reaching economic impacts and we encourage the State to consider all relief mechanisms available to ease the burden on affected water users.  Unfortunately this is the kind of bad choices we are left with when we fail to plan before crises strike. 

Along with these immediate actions, Alabama must promptly adopt a true water management plan that considers the needs of all water users as well as the flows needed to sustain Alabama’s 132,000 miles of rivers and streams. 

Governor Bentley, please protect our rivers and our water during this drought crisis.

Water is life,

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