Fish Guide

FISH GUIDE launches in Alabama!


Alabama Rivers Alliance is proud to support the important work from our partners at Coosa Riverkeeper as they launch FISH GUIDE.

DID YOU KNOW?  Alabama has one of the highest rates of subsistence fishing in the country. In 2016, the Alabama Department of Public Health issued Fish Consumption Advisories for nearly every river in Alabama. Unsafe fish account for more than 100 of the 230 listings on the Alabama Department of Environmental Management’s 303(d) impaired waters listing. Gaining access to this information is difficult, with the advisories buried on Department of Public Health website and on ADEM’s EFile pages. Fisherman without access to the internet have no other options to access the important information for the health of themselves and their families. Alabama’s state motto is “We Dare To Defend Our Rights”, yet currently, our fishermen and their families don’t have a right to know where fish consumption advisories are in their local waterways. We hope to change that.

Coosa Riverkeeper has created a
3-step system to a fun and safe fishing trip!
Click each image for more info!

CALL  Call the toll-free hotline to hear the advisories on any river in Alabama! Call 1-844-219-RISK and listen for the prompts.

CAST – Find boat ramps and learn more about the different types of fish found in the Coosa!
COOK – Catch some tips on how to prepare your fish while reducing your exposure to dangerous toxins for you and your family!




CALL before you CAST!