Alabama Rivers Alliance Has A New Look!



The Alabama Rivers Alliance is thrilled to unveil our updated logo and organizational branding, representing our progress and dedication to the protection of Alabama’s incredible rivers and  the diversity of life that depends on them. After 25+ years of commitment to #DefendRivers, and with a new five-year strategic plan in place, our new logo embodies the essence of our mission and the principles that drive us forward.

At the core of our work at ARA are three river “swooshes,” flowing together in harmony – like a current. Each swoosh represents a central tenet of our organization’s mission:

Building Partnerships: The first swoosh signifies our commitment to forging strong alliances and collaborations with diverse stakeholders, including river protection groups throughout the state and region, elected officials and government agencies, energy, land and air organizations, and local communities. Collectively, we are stronger as we work to preserve and restore the health of Alabama’s waterways.

Empowering Citizens: The second swoosh embodies our long-held belief in empowering the people of Alabama to become informed advocates for clean water. Through education and community engagement, we empower individuals to take an active role in safeguarding our invaluable resources.

Advocating for Sound Water Policy and its Enforcement: The third swoosh represents our advocacy efforts to ensure sound water policies are implemented and enforced effectively. We work tirelessly to influence decision-makers and ensure that the laws and regulations governing water resources are strong and just.

The sun or moon rises above the rivers, symbolizing hope, enlightenment, and the promise of a brighter future for Alabama’s waterways. It represents a new era in our organization’s journey, where determination guides our path.

The trees are representative of the riparian forest and plant life that is essential to water quality and a healthy river ecosystem.  As guardians of the environment, we recognize the critical importance of preserving these ecosystems and their vital role in sustaining life.

Finally, the overarching horizon binds all elements together, signifying the strong alliance formed among our members, partners, and supporters. It represents the collaborative spirit that unites us as we work shoulder to shoulder, respecting each other’s independence, while collectively striving to #DefendRivers.

In this logo, we find a visual representation of the Alabama Rivers Alliance’s values, aspirations, and accomplishments. It speaks of a future where our rivers flourish, where the people of Alabama are empowered to take action, and where our united efforts create a lasting impact on the well-being of our incredible waterways and all that depend on them. 

Together, we will protect and preserve the lifeblood of Alabama—our rivers—for generations to come. 


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