TAKE ACTION: Support Clean Access to Drinking Water in Schools!

Tell your House member to vote YES on SB 368 to help support access to clean drinking water in schools and expanded use of reusable water bottles to reduce plastic waste. The bill would ensure water bottle filling stations are installed in any newly constructed or renovated public schools and allows for regulated use of reusable water bottles in schools.

During these unprecedented times, water bottle filling stations and personal water bottles may be able to help reduce the spread of germs and disease. Plus, we know using a reusable water bottle is good for the environment and healthy kids learn better and perform better in school.

Plastic waste not only causes litter in our communities and our rivers and lakes, but it also is known to break up into microfibers releasing harmful chemicals into our water and our wildlife.

This bill is a win-win promoting healthy habits for children today and ensuring a healthy environment for their tomorrow.

There are only three days left in the legislative session, so there’s no time to waste!