Tell Congress not to undermine EPA’s coal ash rule!

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EPA finally released its coal ash rule, which sets minimum federal requirements for the disposal and storage of toxic coal ash, nearly six years after the Kingston Disaster and 10 months after the tragic Dan River spill.

Now, some Senators are moving a bill that would undermine the rule. This bill — S. 2446 — threatens our health, our safety, and our environment while removing or delaying critical requirements for owners of coal-fired power plants to safely handle, store, and dispose of toxic coal ash. Senators may also try to pass the same content in the form of an amendment to a larger bill. Don’t let the Senate protect the polluters instead of public health! Sign the petition!



From the new website, find the toxic coal ash waste is stored near you.

The new and improved is a one-stop-shop for data and action opportunities in the southeast. The map makes it easy to find coal ash stored near your community, maps of coal ash pits, and information on ground and surface water contamination where available. Each facility page links you directly to coal ash data provided by utilities in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) coal ash rule, saving the trouble of hunting down each individual utility’s website. This utility data includes how much coal ash and wastewater are stored at power plants, and will soon include results of groundwater monitoring for contamination.