Water Conservation and Security Act


ACT NOW! Ask the Alabama House Committee for Agriculture and Forestry to support the Alabama Water Conservation & Security Act (HB 476)

The Alabama Water Conservation & Security Act will improve Alabama’s system of water management to better protect our rivers and streams for the quality of our drinking water and the quality of life for our children and grandchildren.




If one of these committee members is your House member, please specifically call or write them and tell them to support this important bill (see below)

Talking Points for the Alabama Water Conservation and Security Act 

The AWCSA requires the State to protect the flow of water in Alabama’s 132,000 miles of rivers and streams. It also gives us the ability to protect ourselves the next time we have a water shortage or drought.

Despite the State’s past inability to protect us during water emergencies, the Water Resources Commission believes we already have all the protection we need. We know we must to do more.


Water Plan

  • This bill would help create a Water Management Plan in Alabama.  A water plan is necessary to ensure that we protect our water supplies for our children and grandchildren.

Drought Emergency

  • This bill would reduce the harmful effects of drought and give much needed protection to people who depend on water.

Farmers and Agriculture

  • It would protect farmers by making our waters more reliable and higher quality. In case of emergency, the state can guarantee this important industry gets what they deserve.


  • It would protect our wildlife and ecosystems by mandating that enough water is our rivers and streams to support the plants and animals that we all enjoy and appreciate.


  • Arbitrarily take water away from farmers, manufacturers, or municipalities—the goal of this bill is to ensure the state has enough water, not to restrict the access of those who need it most. On the contrary, the bill actually protects farmers and utilities by making sure they will have the water they need in times of emergency—instead of having to compete with other regions of the state or sue other water users in the area.
  • Create a financial burden on individuals or the state. In fact, it will potentially save millions of dollars by limiting — and even preventing — the costs of disaster.


Dear Legislator:

Please vote to SUPPORT the Alabama Water Conservation and Security Act.

As a member of the Alabama Legislature, you have the special ability to protect the way of life in this great state. In order to serve the public health and economic well-being of Alabama, I ask you to support the Alabama Water Conservation and Security Act. This issue is important to my local waterway, my community, and the entire State of Alabama. This bill would improve Alabama’s current water law to ensure that we preserve the integrity of Alabama’s rivers and streams while also giving much needed certainty to its farmers, drinking water supplies, manufacturers, and utilities.

The AWCSA will keep Alabama’s rivers and streams healthy and flowing by providing more accountability of water use and more attention to the needs of our water resources. It will ensure that future generations can enjoy our outdoor traditions alongside the natural beauty of our state’s treasures.

Past droughts have reduced stream levels to all-time lows—just months after times of abundant rainfall. We need a plan to protect our rivers, the Bay, wildlife, and our drinking water before the next emergency hits. Alabama is behind all of its neighboring states when it comes to managing water supplies and protecting its citizens from water emergencies, putting us at a major disadvantage.

I urge you to support the Alabama Water Conservation and Security Act to enact these scientific, commonsense solutions.


Your Name


Danny Crawford (Chair) District 5 – Limestone  County [email protected]  (334) 261-0516
Steve Hurst (Vice Chair) District 35 – Calhoun, Clay, Talladega County [email protected] (334) 261-0415
Thomas Jackson (Ranking Member) District 68 – Clarke Conecuh, Marengo, Monroe County [email protected] (334) 261-0437
Will Dismukes District 88 – Autauga, Elmore County (334) 261-0499
Joe Faust District 94 – Baldwin County [email protected] (334) 261-0409
Bob Fincher District 37 – Chambers, Cleburne, Randolph County [email protected] 334-242-7708
Dexter Grimsley District 85 – Henry, Houston County [email protected] 334-242-7740
Tommy Hanes District 23 – DeKalb, Jackson [email protected] 334-242-7551
Ralph Howard District 72 – Bibb, Greene, Hale, Marengo, Perry County [email protected] (334) 261-0559
Reed Ingram District 75 – Elmore, Montgomery County [email protected] 334-242-7707
A.J. McCampbell District 71 – Choctaw, Greene, Marengo, Pickens, Sumter, Tuscaloosa County  [email protected] 334-242-7747
Ed Oliver District 81 – Chilton, Coosa, Tallapoosa County [email protected] (334) 261-0471
Ginny Shaver District 39 – Calhoun, Cherokee, Cleburne, Dekalb County [email protected] (334) 261-0413
Jeff Sorrells District 87 – Geneva, Houston County
Rodney Sullivan District 61 – Pickens, Tuscaloosa County [email protected] (334) 261-0403

Let us know if you have any questions. Call us at 205-322-6395 or email Curt Chaffin, Policy Director, at [email protected].