We’re not giving up the fight. Join us.


We’re not giving up the fight.
We are more committed than ever to Defend our Rivers.

Dear River Advocate,

We know: it’s been a long election year. According to the position statements laid out during the campaign, the newly elected administration does not support the important role that the government plays in protecting our water and public health through regulations like the Clean Water Act.

We want Alabamians to know that the Alabama Rivers Alliance is strong and we will not cease in our efforts to fight for clean, flowing rivers & streams that support the great diversity of people and other living creatures that rely on our 132,000 miles of rivers and streams for life.

We also remain committed to supporting our 50+ community based alliance partner groups in their efforts to #DefendRivers across Alabama. For nearly 20 years, we have provided the much needed support for our growing alliance and nothing from this week will change our dedication and determination.

Our hopes are that everyone recognizes the importance of water for their health and well-being and will step up now more than ever to help assure this critically important work continues.

ARA has held our elected officials from all sides of the aisles accountable on issues impacting our waterways for 20 years and we will not stop.

But our strategy includes you, a citizen of Alabama.

We must have you by our side.


Thank you for all that you have done and for what you will do to protect our rivers. Stay tuned for a new action alert on Monday concerning the devastating drought throughout our state. We need your voice next week and we are proud to have you in our corner.


Water IS Life,

Cindy, Mitch, Martha, Kelly & Gilda
Alabama Rivers Alliance staff