Will this be the year for water policy in Alabama?

Will this be the year for water policy in Alabama?

We are working to make it so.


With recurring droughts, a depressed economy, and ongoing disputes with Georgia over the use of our major river systems, protection of Alabama’s water resources has reached a critical point.  Without a meaningful plan for the sustainable use of our state’s water resources, water will become the limiting factor for growth in Alabama and the health of our rivers will suffer as more and more stress is put on these valuable resources.
In order to move the state forward and ward off water grabs from our neighbors, Governor Bentley and the Joint Legislative Committee for Water Policy and Management under the leadership of Sen. Arthur Orr and Rep. Alan Boothe are working to develop a comprehensive water security plan for Alabama.  We anticipate that these efforts will result in legislation early on in the upcoming session that will instruct the Alabama Office of Water Resources to engage in a two year planning process that will culminate with the presentation of a comprehensive water plan to the Legislature.
The 2012 Alabama State Legislative Session opened this week.    The Alabama Rivers Alliance and the Southern Environmental Law Center have been working with environmental groups from across the state to ensure that this is the year Alabama leaders will begin developing a comprehensive water security plan for Alabama!  We must make sure that any water policy and planning process is open to meaningful stakeholder participation and that the resulting comprehensive water security plan is sustainable and protective of our states aquatic resources.

What you can do?

  • Call your legislator today and let them know that you think Alabama needs a comprehensive water management plan now.  Let them know that you want them to make this a priority in the 2012 legislative session. Click here to find your legislator.
  • Keep up with emails from the Alabama Rivers Alliance, so you will know when legislation is developed and can take action when needed.
  • Support the Alabama Rivers Alliance through your financial support. Click here to donate toward this work.

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