ARA celebrates 25 years of river protection in Alabama

Dear Rover Defenders:

As I write this, we are halfway into our 25th anniversary at the Alabama Rivers Alliance and I’m so proud to look back at the work we have accomplished, inspired by our current work, and excited about the challenging, yet promising, road that lies ahead!

From the early days of successfully suing the EPA to simply get the state of Alabama to start properly implementing the Clean Water Act, to today’s efforts to unite our movement’s collective voice in order to influence policy change at the Alabama legislature, our work – and the collective work of our many partnerships – has had a profound impact on accessible, affordable, clean water and healthy, flowing rivers for all Alabamians.

With your support over the past 25 years, the Alabama Rivers Alliance has:

  • Helped start, amplify the voices of, strengthened and partnered alongside 120+ local community-based, environmental groups and watershed organizations all across Alabama
  • Leveraged our success since 2013 to bring in new dollars to Alabama’s environmental movement and passed along more than $143,000 to local partner organizations to support their work
  • Mobilized thousands of Alabama groups & individuals to fight bad regulations and laws and to support proactive, forward-thinking policies like a statewide Alabama Water Plan
  • Created 16 award-winning documentaries through our Southern Exposure Film Fellowship program, lifting up the stories and exploring the struggles of real Alabama communities facing environmental injustices, while advocating for direct action
  • Held Alabama Power accountable for the operation of their hydropower dams that have caused the largest mass extinction in modern history when they were constructed in the mid-20th century 

All of these efforts are only possible because of your support.

 We still have much work to do to keep moving the needle in the right direction and protecting Alabama’s precious water resources!

Throughout the rest of the year, we will be developing a new strategic plan that will guide our work for the next 3 to 5 years. While we do this important and necessary planning to ensure our organization’s future strategies are relevant and impactful, we will continue to balance our ongoing policy initiatives. We will also continue to address new pressing issues like following the influx of federal infrastructure dollars for water and wastewater to make sure it gets to the communities that truly need it the most. 

We have so much to celebrate at this milestone 25th anniversary and we are asking you to celebrate with us by sending us into our next era with a strong foundation of support!

Please consider a gift in honor of our 25th anniversary. You can make a one-time gift by mail or online, or split your gift into monthly or quarterly installments by clicking here.

Water is Life,





Alabama Rivers Alliance Team


P.S. We just launched a NEW online giving system on our website and would appreciate any feedback you may have throughout the process!