Meet the everyday superheroes of ARA

Water is Life has always been a theme for our work at the Alabama Rivers Alliance, but it has definitely taken on new meaning in these uncertain times.  One of the only things we know for certain these days is that washing your hands can literally save your life, and clean water is essential for that.

Typically this time of year, you would be hearing from us through a letter in your mailbox on Alabama Rivers Alliance letterhead with pictures and words describing our latest successful Alabama Water Rally and Rivers of Alabama Day Lobby Day events. But this is not a typical year.

In the midst of this pandemic, as states begin to consider what it will look like to reopen, we are sending this letter to you digitally in hopes that, if you are able, you will consider giving your support online to minimize your contact with others while continuing to support our work.

If you are able, please consider a gift of support by clicking here.

This unprecedented time has given us all a new perspective on the everyday things in life and certainly on the everyday superheroes that do the work that make our communities and our country function.  As a supporter of the Alabama Rivers Alliance, you are supporting the everyday superheroes that fight for clean water and healthy rivers throughout Alabama.

Meet our superheroes:

Jack West, Policy & Advocacy Director – Jack’s superpower is his ability to read and understand hundreds of pages of technical documents so that we can be informed stakeholders and accurately represent concerns of partner organizations and residents when talking to elected officials, agency representatives and industries that are impacting our waterways.

Martha Hunter, Alliance Coordinator – Martha’s superpower is that she can make connections with every person she meets, compelling them to fall in love with their river and join their local river group.  This ensures we have an ever-expanding base of people and strong local groups to fight for clean water in Alabama.

Kelly Marshall, Communications Director and Southern Exposure Program Director – Kelly’s superpower is that she can do a million things at one time and make it all look easy.  Managing all of our external and internal communications, she makes sure you have the information you need to keep up with not only our work, but the work of our 50+ partner organizations around the state as well. Plus, Southern Exposure!

Martin Taylor, Development Director – Martin’s superpower is the ability to turn all of our staff and board members into fundraisers.  Making sure that you, our incredibly  important supporters, are front and center in our organization helps ensure our sustainability for the fight for many years to come!  Oh, and he can also bench press 285 pounds, in case we ever need that.

Cindy Lowry, Executive Director – Cindy’s superpower is leadership. She listens and acts with everyone’s voice represented, ensures that the staff and partners are supported, and she isn’t afraid to take the longer and harder path to protect Alabama’s waters.

These are the superheroes your donation supports and our powerful mission of uniting ALL Alabamians to fight for clean water and flowing rivers is the impact your support creates.

If you are able, we would be grateful for your support at this time!  

Water is Life and your support will ensure that the work to protect our mighty rivers continues to succeed. If you are experiencing hardship at this time and cannot give, we understand and want to assure you that you will remain on our list of supporters during this difficult time.

From all of us at the Alabama Rivers Alliance, we thank you and hope you stay healthy and safe!