What we did this weekend …

As a historic tornado raged through multiple states this past weekend causing devastating loss of lives and property, the Alabama Rivers

GS4GND Alabama State Hub leaders representing ARA, GASP, Hometown Action, Alabama People’s Justice Council and the Alabama staff of the Southeast Climate and Energy Network

Alliance executive director was participating in a gathering for the Gulf South for a Green Deal, a movement that has a long history but gained momentum after Hurricane Katrina.

As we gathered with groups from five states and the territory of Puerto Rico, we learned how Hurricane Katrina — and the many storms after — sparked a coming together of activists who recognized the connection of climate change, disaster response, racial justice, economic justice and the need for the Gulf South Region to work together in a more coherent way to meet all of these challenges. Out of this inspiration, the Gulf South for a Green New Deal platform was born and the Alabama Rivers Alliance is proud to be an active member of the Alabama Hub of this movement working for climate justice.


We will win when we all work together! 

Our thoughts are with the people of Kentucky and Tennessee, and others impacted by these devastating tornadoes. The extreme weather events of the past few years highlight the importance and urgency of our work to mitigate climate change while responding to climate disasters.

According to the FEMA Administrator in response to the recent tornado:

“This is going to be our new normal and the effects that we’re seeing from climate change are the crisis of our generation,” Criswell told co-host Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.” 

We know there is great need at this time of year and we hope you will give to help those in need who are recovering from this unprecedented storm. We also hope you can give to our work together with Others in the Gulf South region to build the power we need to meet the challenges of climate change and justice!